I'm a Comic Book writer and artist who specialises in creating sequential graphic works that address complex ideas in new and digestible ways...and sometimes I just make entertaining genre comics. 

I work in academia but I did not have a traditional education.
I left school without the ability to either read or write and worked for 10 years as an apprentice served Boatbuilder. 
As a single parent, I was able to go back to learning when my son started school.
After picking up the basics from reading 'Spot the Dog' and then 'Strontium Dog', I continued on until I got my MPhil and a job at the University of Chichester, lecturing in Critical and Cultural Theory across a whole range of subjects from Art, English Literature, Dance, Media, Music and Theatre.
As senior lecture in the Department of Theatre, I now teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students and have several PhD students.
Two years ago I set myself the task of learning to draw, not realising that it would become an 'obsession'. 
I've always loved comic books from those images of heroes that I copied as a kid from the pages of Marvel, DC and 2000AD, even though I had very little idea of what the words in the bubbles were actually saying.  
Now I want to create short Comic Books and Papers that communicate the fascinating theoretical and philosophical ideas, that I engage with every day, to a much wider audience. 
'Emergence' is the first comic book paper I have made and although it is full of flaws and things I would do better, given more time, I think it is as good a place to begin as any.
Future projects and 'work-in-progress' I will upload here, alongside a sketch a day; so watch this space.
I do hope you like what you see. 
If you do, then why not drop me a line :-)
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